EASTERN  DIVISION           1. New York Mets 92-70   
Atlanta Braves 86-76     
Philadelphia Phillies 84-78     
Florida Marlins 78-84
Montreal Expos 73-89              
New York Yankees 105-57  
Boston Red Sox 90-72   
Toronto Blue Jays 86-76
Baltimore Orioles 73-89
Tampa Bay Devil Rays 64-98
   American League                                                         National League
Derek Jeter Yankees                           Batting Crown                Todd Helton Rockies
Alfonso Soriano Yankees                   HR Leader                       Vladimir Guerrero Expos
Alex Rodriguez Rangers                    RBI Leader                       Jeff Kent Astros
Alfonso Soriano Yankees                     SB Leader                     Juan Pierre Marlins
Tim Hudson Athletics                           Win Leader                     Curt Schilling Diamondbacks
Pedro Martinez Red Sox                     ERA Leader                     Tom Glavine Mets
Pedro Martinez Red Sox                      K Leader                         Randy Johnson Diamond Backs
Toronto Blue Jays                                Surprise Team                New York Mets
Seattle Mariners                                   Disappointing Team       Philadelphia Phillies
Frank Thomas White Sox                  Comeback Player           Ken Griffey Jr. Reds
Chan Ho Park Rangers                      Comeback Pitcher         Kevin Brown Dodgers
Josh Phelps Blue Jays                      Breakout Player             Jay Payton Rockies  
Doug Davis Rangers                          Breakout Pitcher             Mark Prior Cubs
Bartolo Colon White Sox                   Best Acquisition             Cliff Floyd Mets
Edgar Martinez Mariners                    Falling Star Hitter            Mike Lieberthal Phillies
John Burkett Red Sox                        Falling Star Pitcher         Orlando & Livan Hernandez Expos
Rey Ordoņez Devil Rays                    Worst Acquisition           Paul Byrd Braves
Mike Hargrove Orioles                        First Manager Fired       
Bob Boone Reds
Buck Showalter Rangers                  Manager of The Year       Art Howe Mets
Troy Percival Angels                           Fireman                             Armando Benitez Mets
Hidecki Matsui Yankees                     Rookie of The Year         Hee Sop Choi Cubs
Alfonso Soriano Yankees                  Hank Aaron Award         Vladimir Guerrero Expos
Pedro Martinez Red Sox                    Cy Young                          Curt Schilling Diamondbacks
Alex Rodriguez Rangers                    MVP                                  Jeff Kent Astros
A year after everything went wrong the Mets will play up to their potential taking the NL East. While the Braves will regret letting Tom Glavine and Kevin Milwood go as Mike Hampton and Paul Byrd struggle. The Phillies will struggle against high expectations, as Jim Thome's adjustment to the NL is slow. The Marlins will be fast and entertaining but they don't have enough to contend. While 103 road games will catch up to the Expos who could contend if they had a permanent home.
   CENTRAL  DIVISION           1. Houston Astros 94-68
St. Louis Cardinals 93-69*   
Chicago Cubs 85-77        
Cincinnati Reds 80-80  
Pittsburgh Pirates 68-94
Milwaukee Brewers 51-111
The Astros and Cardinals will battle all season for the top spot with both teams being strong World Series contender and making the playoffs. Look for the Astros to go far with Jeff Kent bring his MVP experience. The Cubs will be stronger but are a year a way from any real contention. Ken Griffey Jr. will return to his All-Star level but the Reds don't have any pitching to go far. The Pirates will continue to drift aimlessly. While the Brewers will need a miracle just to avoid the embarassment of 110 losses. 
   WESTERN DIVISION           1. Arizona Diamondbacks 95-67
San Francisco  GIants 88-74
Los Angeles Dodgers 86-76
Colorado Rockies 78-84
San Diego Padres 60-102
The dynamic duo of Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling will continue to drive the Diamondbacks. The Giants will fall off enough to miss the playoffs, without Jeff Kent. The Dodgers will need career years from most their team to make any type of run. While the Rockies will have a competitive team that can start putting together the formula for winning. However, the Padres don't have a prayer without Trevor Hoffman and Phil Nevin. Even if both were healthy the Padres still will finish last.

New York Mets 3 St. Louis Cardinals 2; Houston Astros 3 Arizona Diamondbacks 2
Houston Astros 4 New York Mets 3
A word of advice for anyone playing the Yankees this year; Duck. Unless they self-destruct they will be unstoppable this year, as they will make a deal to fix any holes they have. The Red Sox will continue to play second fiddle. While the Blue Jays will surprise allot of people with a young exciting team. The Orioles have a long way to go, as they did nothing to improve. While Lou Piniella will be in misery all season long with the Devil Rays.
1.  Chicago White Sox 84-78
Minnesota Twins 79-83 
Cleveland Indians 65-97
Kansas City Royals 61-101
Detroit Tigers 59-103
The addition of Bartolo Colon should put the White Sox over the top in this sorry division, as the Twins will fall off with injury problems affecting their pitching staff already. The Indians will be playing turn back the clock this year as they relive the days when the only time they won was in the movies. The Royals have nothing to cheer for again while Tigers fans that their coaching staff of Alan Trammell and Kirk Gibson were still playing.
Anaheim Angels 96-66
Oakland Athletics 94-68*
Texas Rangers 87-75
Seattle Mariners 79-83
The Angels and A's will still be strong as both make the playoffs with the Angels finish first this time. However, there will be no repeat of last years miracle World Series run. The Rangers will finally bounce back and make some noise with new Manager Buck Showalter. While the Mariners will miss Manager Lou Piniella more then they thought as they fall into last place below .500.
New York Yankees 3 Oakland Athletics 2 ; Anaheim Angels 3 Chicago White Sox 0
New York Yankees 4 Anaheim Angels 2

New York Yankees 4
Houston Astros 2
Predictions Made by Frank Fleming on March 30, 2003 at 2:00 am EST
300 Wins
Roger Clemens Yankees July

500 HR
Sammy Sosa Cubs Opening Day
Rafael Palmeiro Rangers May
Ken Griffey Jr. Reds August
Fred McGriff Dodgers September

Career HR for Catcher:
Mike Piazza Mets June

50-50 Club:
Alfonso Soriano Yankees 55 HR 51 SB

Murders Row:
Alfonso Soriano 55 HR
Hidecki Matsui 52 HR
Jason Giambi 50 HR

Pete Rose Reinstatement:
All-Star Break

Expos New Home in 2004:
Northern Virginia