Predictions Made 5/5/03 at 4:05 pm EST.  
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Second Round
Spurs in 7
The Spurs sweeping the season series was not a fluke. The Lakers are destined to fall and looking ahead to the Kings will be the catalyst as the Spurs advance in 7 game.
76ers in 6
The Pistons need to rally from 3-1 to beat the Magic. The 76ers won blow such a lead, as the Pistons can't adjust to stop Allen Iverson like they did with Tracy McGrady.
Nets in 6
Like the Bucks, the Celtics do not match up well with the Nets at all who will once again advance in 6 games, as teams that live and die with the 3 point shot like the Celtics usually die.
Kings in 5
The Kings appear focused and on a mission while the Mavs are luck they didn't make history by blowing a 0-3 lead. The Kings crushed Dallas in the regular season they will do so now too.