4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 8-6 .571
Season Total:  67-63.515
Vikings 27 Giants 13
The Giants traditionally have problems winning in Minnesota, and this year won't be any different as they fall to a Vikings team playing better football over the past 2 weeks. 
Eagles 24 Colts 17
The Eagles should have no problem beating the struggling Colts, but Peyton Manning's arm will keep it close enough for the cover.
Bengals 17 Ravens 10
Stinker of the Week:
The Bengals actually looked like a NFL team last week while crushing the expansion Texans, without the Ray Lewis the Ravens are pretty much an expansion team too, as Bengals get win #2.
Faclons 21 Steelers 17
Upset of the Week:
Michael Vick is the next big thing and on Sunday the Steelers will not be able to stop him as the Falcons rise continues.
Packers 30 Lions 13
Your 2002 NFC North Champions Green Bay Packers with a win over the Detroit Lions the Packers lead will grow to 5 as they begin to lap the rest of the NFC North.
Rams 30 Chargers 16
The Chargers showed a chink in the armor last week. Last year as soon as that happened they fell apart. Playing the Rams in St. Louis things could continue to snow ball.  
Saints 30 Panthers 10
The Bye week should help the Saints make some adjustments on defense while the Panthers need an off year to fix their problems. 
49ers 27 Chiefs 24
The Chiefs offense is good enough to keep this one close to the end as 49ers place kicker Jose Cortez finds himself needing to make another game winner.
Titans 27 Texans 13
The battle of Houston 1, look for the former Oilers to easily slide past the Texans as they have first place in sights after a tough start.
Cardinals 24 Seahawks 13
The Cardinals with 2 straight losses are back down to reality; the Seahawks at 2-6 are contemplating who will be their coach next year.
Patriots 34 Bears 13
In a rematch of Super Bowl XX, the Bears play is obscene enough to add an extra X, as they lose their 7th straight in what will soon become an empty Memorial Stadium in Champaign.
Jagaurs 24 Redskins 20
Coach Steve Spurrier return to his old North Florida stomping grounds won't be pleasant as the Redskins fall to the Jaguars who are beyond desperate for a win.
Dolphins 27 Jets 17
There are several things the Dolphins don't do and lose 3 in a row is one of them. Look for Ricky Williams to rush for 200 yards as the Dolphins limp past the Jets.
Past Weeks' Picks
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Broncos 31 Raiders 16
Game of the Week:
It's a Mile High celebration as MNF celebrates a milestone with its 500th broadcast. Look for the Raiders to feel a Mile Low as they lose their 5th in a row.