Packers 35 49ers 20
The 49ers defense has struggled in recent a week, that is the recipe for disaster when getting set to face Brett Favre.
Titans 27 Patriots 24
The Titans stay in the hunt for home field and put the Patriots in peril with a big win on Monday Night.

Rams 28 Cardinals 20
Stinker of the Week: ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ The People at ESPN must be thrilled they are saddled with this "game". One suggestion NBC is showing National Lampoons Christmas Vacation at 9. 
4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 10-6 .625
Season Total:  107-101 .514
Eagles 20 Redskins 16
The Eagles have been a surprise weathering the storm with 3 straight wins without Donovan McNabb. This week they will make it 4. However, 8 points is just too large of spread. 
Dolphins 20 Raiders 17
Game of the Week:
One of the most difficult tasks for any West Coast team is to fly cross country and play at 1 pm. Look for the Dolphins secondary to hold down Gannon, and Ricky Williams to carry the Dolphins to victory.
Bills 30 Chargers 20
As with the Raiders going cross-country is multiplied when the warm weather Chargers go into the freezer in Buffalo. Look for the Chargers to struggle all day.  
Jaguars 30 Bengals 24
The Bengals can't do anything right. When making this pick there is just 3 words to remember The Bengals Suck.
Steelers 24 Panthers 20
If Tommy Maddox struggles again Kordell will be brought in quickly. Maddox does play better, and the Steelers win but the Panthers will keep it close.     
Falcons 34 Seahawks 17
Michael Vick and Falcons rebound off their loss in Tampa by slaughtering the Seahawks.
Buccaneers 30 Lions 6
Lions Coach Mart Morhinweg spent most of the week meeting with realtors to his house in Detroit, as the countdown to his firing is on.
Cowboys 21 Giants 17
Giants suspended WR Ron Dixon for missing a team meeting. That is not the way to go into a must win game against a division opponent.
Colts 28 Browns 24
This could be a very exciting game as a loss could cripple both teams' playoff chances. However, in the end the Colts are just better.     
Jets 24 Bears 10
The banged up Bears have been in hibernation since October, with 45 different starters this season they are just waiting for the season to be mercifully over.
Saints 30 Vikings 24
The Saints defense has a tendency to let teams get the backdoor cover, with the spread at 8 that will be the case again this week.
Texans 20 Ravens 17
Upset of the WeeK:
The Texans get their first ever winning streak in franchise history as they send the Ravens into oblivion.
Chiefs 30 Broncos 27
The sun sets on the Broncos season as their struggles after sun down continue when the sun sets in the 3rd quarter allowing the Chiefs to rally for the 4th quarter win.
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