4caster Frank's Weekly Picks

Last Week: 6-8 .429
Season Total:  44-44.500
Jets 24 Vikings 20
Stinker of the Week: The Jets weakness is their run defense, the Vikings have no running game so that won't come into play here as the Jets win a battle of losers.
Broncos 27 Chiefs 24
The Broncos have the best run-defense in football, and without a big day from Priest Holmes the Chiefs will be spinning their wheels.
Dolphins 27 Bills 13
Even with backup QB Ray Lucas the Dolphins should be able to put points on the board against the Bills pathetic defense. While the Dolphins secondary will give Drew Bledsoe problems. 
49ers 24 Saints 20
The Saints will get a cold taste reality when they play the 49ers who are quickly establishing themselves as a Super Bowl Contender.
Falcons 20 Panthers 16
Flacons QB Michael Vick returns as the Panthers plummet continues with a loss in Atlanta.
Eagles 20 Buccaneers 10
The Buccaneers can't stop Donovan McNabb; this week won't be any different as the Eagles start building a first place nest.
Bears 27 Lions 14
With a 3 game losing streak and coming off a bye week this is truly a must win for the Bears if they want to contend for the playoffs.
Packers 37 Redskins 20
Packers QB Brett Favre is having an MVP type season look for that to continue against the struggling Redskins defense.
Rams 21 Seahawks 17
No matter how bad the Seahawks are the Rams are not back and will not win by a Touchdown in a battle to stay out of last place.
Raiders 28 Chagers 24
Game of the Week:
Expect the Raiders to bounce back with a win, but it won't be a blow out as the Chargers stay in the game until the bitter end.
Browns 31 Texans 17
With a 3 game losing streak the expansion Houston Texans are the perfect remedy for the struggling Browns.
Jaguars 24 Ravens 13
Ray Lewis looks to be out of action again, meaning the Ravens have no chance. Look for Jags RB Fred Taylor to have a big day.
Cardinals 20 Cowboys 10
It's an odd numbered week and the Cowboys are due for a disheartening loss as the Cowboys roller coaster season continues.
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Colts 24 Steelers 20
Upset of the Week:
The Steelers can't stop teams that pass the ball. Peyton Manning is one of the best QBs in the NFL. It's not hard to figure out the rest the only mystery is how the Steelers are favorites any way.